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Barker Landscape Architects is a landscape architectural consulting firm providing innovative, creative, and environmentally sound landscape design. Founded in 1989, we have provided quality service to clients throughout Washington State. We will provide you with attractive, functional and safe design. We take pride in the excellence in our design and quality of work and have a diverse and committed group of individuals who highly value the final outcome of a project. We specialize in community park, playground and open space planning and design; waterfront park and plaza design, community garden and p-patch design; school, campus and recreational facilities; natural area design and habitat restoration; and trail, environmental education and interpretive design. We are very interested in enhancing the quality of neighborhood parks, waterfronts, shorelines, playgrounds and public spaces while introducing a 'greener' landscape.

Barker Landscape Architects employs a dynamic, client centered team approach tailored to the specific needs of each project, meeting the Client's budget, schedule and project criteria. Direct principal involvement in every project gives our clients the experienced project management, client communications, and technical expertise they demand. We have State of Washington licensed Landscape Architects on staff and a thorough support team to help develop and complete each project on time and within budget. We have over 50 years of combined professional site planning, sensitive area design and analysis, construction documents, specifications and construction observation services for a wide array of municipal park and recreation projects.

Planning & Design Experience
Our expertise includes the planning and design of a variety of public, institutional and private landscapes including:
Park Planning & Design, Trail Planning & Design, Public Facilities & Site Planning, Innovative Children's Play Areas, Native Plant Design & Habitat Restoration, Recreational Facility Design, Urban Park &Plaza Design, Wetland Enhancement & Rehabilitation, Shoreline Restoration & Beach Enhancement, School Planning & Design, Shoreline & Waterfront Park Design, Community Garden Design, Environmental Education & Interpretive Design, Large Scale Landscape Management.

Public Process & Community Outreach
Barker Landscape Architects has considerable experience in public outreach in the public design process. We recognize that community participation is an essential part of a successful and innovative project. We have facilitated numerous productive design workshops where people roll up their sleeves and get involved with project design. Because of their early involvement, they become “owners” and proponents of the project. With more public engagement early in the process, the better the resulting project is supported by citizens. Design workshops and on-site meetings have been an effective tool for engaging the community, diverse and multilingual groups, and in developing our design.

Our team also helps with community construction projects. We assist volunteers in the construction process from coordinating, conducting work parties, planting, and pick up and delivery of materials. We enjoy working with the community from project start to finish. We enjoy the volunteer construction phase and will help with supervision and labor.

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