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  • Barker Landscape Architects has been working with Westwood community members and the city of Seattle's P-Patch program to design and help build a new community garden at 34th street SW and Barton St., in West Seattle. The final selected preferred alternative draws inspiration from the form of a spider's web and the design stitches p-patch plots, a community gathering area, garden work spaces and shared planting beds together across the roughly 1/4 acre site. This now vacant lot has fantastic potential to provide a highly visible, accessible, and sunny spot for community gardening efforts. The existing birch tree is the lone visible remnant of site's history as a former city pump station and the community has chosen to build their garden around this feature. Standing at the hub of the web, the design will protect the tree from the daily gardening activities, and use it to mark the heart of the garden. Barker Landscape Architects gathered information and ideas from community members at three public meetings, and will be working with the steering committee throughout the construction of the garden.

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